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My first Feature in LA

5,4,3,2,1 and it HAPPENED!! MY first feature in LA at this open mic night spot called "The Pocket LA"...I am still on cloud 9 over this experience. I was honored to share my gift and tell my story ... ALSO I really wanted to represent for Miami!!. After my set, I got emotional because this was a goal of mine and also I wanted to show the audience so much more of me...I didn't want to get off that stage lol ...there was so much more I wanted to show and tell them. Thank you to The Pocket LA for having me and receiving my original song "Queendom" as well.... believe it or not I was nervous to sing my original song because my songs are like my children lol I am real sensitive about my shit! lol

But this is the start of so many things here in LA and everywhere. During this trip, I have LEARNED A LOT not only on a musical level but also on a personal level. So many thoughts went through my head ..."Should I stay or should I go", "Am I ready," "Is LA ready for me", , "Are their reliable people here ," "Is it time"...blah blah blah but anytime a move or change is happening thoughts will cloud your mind but what keeps me balanced is God and that feeling when I finished my set at The Pocket just confirmed my need to be here...

I am grateful that men and women were blessed by my set and that means the world to me it TRULY DOES!! I don't know the full reason as to why LA is calling my name but I am listening and I am willing to take this chance. I am forever grateful to The Pocket LA and the musicians and shout out to ALL the beautiful people I met. So if anyone is reading this post...I just want to encourage you take a LEAP!! DO IT!! write that song, open up that business, write your book LIVE YOUR PURPOSE AND MANIFEST THE HELL OUT OF YOUR LIFE!! YOU ARE WORTH LIVING OUT YOUR PURPOSE!! 

Here are some photos captured by @arianalyn 

Please take time to follow the @thepocketla to follow up with up other featured artists. 

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