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Miami to Cali...My overall Experience!!

I feel like I haven't written a blog post in so long!! I really need to blog more because I have so much to say!! Anyways, since I came back to the lovely 305 Miami Dade County..Lol!! I've been getting a lot of nosey folks (just kidding) asking me about my trip to California and my consistent response is that is was AMAZING!!! I met some great amazing people and I had the opportunity to perform at some dope Open Mic Night events... Shout out to the Tha Juice Joint, The Pocket LA, World Stage and I even got to perform with an amazing artist named Johnny Martin at one of his gigs :-) The overall experience was so needed on so many levels so who ever is reading this...ya about to get in my business...and 5,4,3,2, 1...Transparency time!! 

Ok so during the whole trip I asked myself these three questions

1. What I need to do more? Step out more and take more chances, trust in my gift more

2. What I need to stop doing? STOP overthinking my next step which leads to more thinking and less action

3. What I need to continue to do? To continue to be Tamika J, continue to stay humble and define my own definition of success

I literally wrote this in my journal and I told myself to put these 3 questions into action in every situation of my life. 

It's funny how life prepares you for unique situations...Ok soo I was in my air bnb which was AMAZING! But anyway, I was starving and I was tired of spending money on food to eat sooo I got an uber and went to Trader Joe's and purchased Chicken Tenderloins and Veggie Burgers (it was cheap)...Arrived back to my air bnb and the kitchen only had the following old macaroni, salt, pepper, ketchup, salad dressing and hot sauce. So being the Haitian that I am ...I have learned to cook with anything!! Lol...Also,  I remember having to survive in college and make a meal with whatever I had in the kitchen ...So my Haitian/college survival skills  kicked in...I season that chicken with hot sauce, salad dressing, salt and pepper and cut up the veggie burgers and put it in the chicken...Boiled the macaroni and VOILA...THAT SHIT WAS FIRRRRE!!  It was soooo goood...I made so much that I was able to share the food with my house mate!! So as I said before...Life has a way of preparing you for unique situations!! I will never look at ketchup, salad dressing and hot sauce the same! I wish I had a picture so you all can see it lol

Networking: My main goal was to network with as many people annnnd it happened I met some incredible musicians that I still keep in touch with since I got back. Also, I was able to have a song writing session with the beautiful Sophie...Also, I met some more songwriters, producers and gained some more Tamika J supporters!! One of my goals was to be featured at an open mic spot there...I simply wanted my name on a California Flyer...I know right LAME! Lol...but on the real I really wanted that!! So I get a phone call from the piano player from one of the open mic spots and he said "Tamika J we wanna feature you"...The law of Attraction is REAL!! Unfortunately, :-( it didn't happen because of transportation issues BUT we both agreed that when I come back there is a featured spot waiting on me....

Wait there is more...Are you bored yet??

I tried out for The yeah obviously I did not make it!! But its all good because once again I met some amazing artists while waiting in line!! I wonder if my song choice was good enough but hey whatever lol I sung Christina Aguilera's "I got Trouble"...The good thing is that she almost had me finish the whole song so I guess I kinda almost made it lol

Prior to Cali, I burned at least 50 copies of my Acoustic Project "Acoustically Speaking Vol. literally looked like I was passing a mixtape out lol ...I would spark conversation first before I handed them the my surprise they gave me money...and yes I took it! I purposely wanted to pass it out for free because no one knows me there but thank God for those who want to support local artists by purchasing their projects! 

Almost finished I promise....I got to attend a daytime television show called "The Real" and it was so fun and I met some beautiful people like JAYONCE like Beyonce ...HE SLAYS everywhere he goes!! As I am watching the show take place all I can think about is..."One day I will be a guest on that show promoting my original material!!" MANIFEST...and yes it will happen!

I have soooo much to share with you all...The overall trip was more than just a "Music Networking Experience" it was a needed...I needed a break ...if anyone who is reading this...I hope you can understand...I needed to be around different energy...different people!! If ya only knew what I've gone through last year and what I am healing from this year...I lost my aunt second mom a year ago... Which reminds ..I went to a place in California called the Rose Garden and I saw yellow flowers and immediately thought of my Aunt...sigh!! I think about her often and especially when I see a yellow flower. 

And then prior to my trip I lost my grandfather this year...I remember being in my air bnb and just trying to be in the moment but I knew what I lost at home...I think about them often because I had sooo many moments to spend time with him but I was caught up with my life that I failed to visit him and when I decided to finally see him he died...I just want my grandfather to know that I love him and that I am sorry that I did not see you when I had the chance. 

And on top of that ..losing Love and the person who want to share this experience with is absent..I had to realize even more why God removes people from your life... saying goodbye to what you thought was love can definitely can be hard but I believe in being better not bitter...and on top of that being in a financial crisis and of course all the other things life comes with! So yeah I needed to be somewhere else for awhile! 

I learned so much more about myself in that one trip ya!! Lol!! "The tough, I can fix it, independent Tamika" was highlighted in that trip...I realized it is ok to ask for help, to say yes to money when its given under positive circumstances of course.. It IS OK TO RECEIVE HELP!! I am not superwoman lol.. I am babbling now but if you are an artist reading this I NEED YOU to know that you need to stay on your grind... DO NOT let anyone sway you in a different direction... Some will not get it even family members, friends, co workers etc etc will not understand BUT WHEN GOD gives you a vision and purpose nothing will get in the way... STAY YOUR LANE, INVEST IN YOUR CAREER, LEARN ABOUT YOUR ART, PERFECT YOUR ART...Remember there is only one YOU...So create and be the drop wherever u go because you are needed...You IS important! (Yes i said is) Lol!

-Tamika J. 

More of my Cali Pictures and Videos are on my Instagram @tamikajmusic

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