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Miami ---> Cali

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I finally got the confidence to  do this and ask for help. I had to swallow my pride and realize that it is ok to ask for help. It has taken me a long time to do this GoFund me account but the time has come and I fully understand that I can not do this by myself . I have been reaching out slowly to friends and family and now I am ready to post this on social media. 

I've decided to relocate to California. I feel it in my spirit that is time to further my music career somewhere else. I have a purpose and I have goals that need to be met! I will not give up. 

 It is time to take all the lessons I learned in Miami and take them somewhere else and apply them. This decision was not hard to make honestly but I have met some AMAZING people in my journey and I will miss you especially MY FAMILY but the time has come to open a new chapter. I am more than READY! 

 -Tamika J.-

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