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Humbled & Blessed

Photo by: Ariana Gleckman

Humbled and blessed all at the same time. 8 days in and I'm already learning more of myself not only as a woman but as an artist. How bad do you want it? Keeps ringing in my ears over and over again!!! Day 2 I was a mess...Picture it...Feb 2nd, 2018 in LA at the Whole Foods store ...images of my family  flooding my mind. I am in the vitamin aisle crying ...I kept my shades on because I didn't want anyone to notice my tears. Picturing my mom in the house making tea and the smell of Haitian food in the niece jumping in my bed ... sigh lol  Tears are just flowing ya lol

I get in my car and head to my new home!! Still crying ya lol and yes I am a cry baby! WHAT??!! lol

And then I hear God saying to me, "You're not doing this just for you but for your family"

You see the funny thing is that I knew that already but being here and crying in the vitamin section at Whole foods made it even more real. 

Days later my Uncle calls me and says, "Make us Proud"...the purpose became EVEN more clear and more VIBRANT!! Words can not express how even more real it became!! 

Then the other day ...I call one of my Miami peeps and the conversation lasted almost 2 hours!! Talked about fear, success, work ethic, insecurities, everything that deals with the music industry! After the conversation,I felt elevated , enlightened, unafraid! I love having moments like this because there is beauty in being open! 

I titled this post "Humbled & Blessed" because these 8 days has caused me to be humbled every day!! Being in a NEW situation and pulling yourself out of your comfort zone humbles you in so many unique ways but I am blessed all at the same time!!

I do miss my comfort but sometimes even plants need new soil to grow!! So I'm in new soil ... growing everyday!! 

Blessed beyond measure...I took a hot shower, cooked a full meal to last me the full week, met some amazing people so far!! We don't count our blessings enough and I am making it a point to appreciate each blessings .. small and big blessings! 

I remember unpacking and just in awe of God... it's not religion its just plain recognition of what God is doing for me...some ppl call it the Universe, The source, God whatever you call it IT IS REAL!!

And to all those who have messaged me  via social media and also called and text me

personally ... thank you! It's a blessing to be a blessing to others. This indie journey is NOT easy but every humbling step makes it worth it! 

Humbled & Blessed

-Tamika J-

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