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Collective B.R.E.A.T.H.E Series

I always wanted to create a spoken word project but my doubts and fear shut that vision down until I heard a poet online! Her work was so organic so RAW and powerful it motivated me to make this vision a reality.  I went back to that vision I had to create a spoken word project and voila the Collective Breathe Series was born. It took me about a month to complete. At one point those same fears and doubts crept on me again and I found myself not writing until a personal situation happened to me. I picked up my journal and my pen and started writing. I was so determined to finish this project. I reminded myself to not seek perfection but to be me. I spoke about finding love, being a black woman, questioning my worth...after the project was completed I released it and I am allowing my baby to grow. It is so can hear the pages turn in my journal, you can hear the AC, you can HEAR ME...Just me!

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