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5,4,3,2,1, .... Healing

Some how we subconsciously think that when the New Years Eve ball drop all of 2016 pains will magically go away as if the New Years ball has some kind of superpower!

But as I move forward to 2017... I noticed the pains of 2016 has magnified in 2017.... it's just been a couple of weeks but why can't I shake this pain away! Why does it still hurt as if I'm still living in 2016. My mind and heart are at war everyday ....and I'm playing the middle man juggling thoughts of what is right for me. Do I go with my heart or mind?

This is the time when you wish you can just turn it off and on! But there is no magic formula to stop this pain... this hurt.. this confusion!

Moving on to 2017 .... will be the year to stop hurting from the pains of 2016. 

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