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Tamika J. is an artists’ artist. 


The singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Miami, FL, comes from proud Haitian roots. For Tamika J., music has played an influential role in her life since early childhood. 


She recalls singing in her room, hairbrush in hand, putting on her best performances for an audience of dolls and stuffed animals. She began writing her own music at an early age, citing influences such as The Fugees, Anita Baker and Brandy to name a few.


Throughout high school and college, Tamika J.’s musical journey continued. At age 14, she joined and performed with her high school choir, singing at various venues throughout Florida. She attended the University of South Florida in Tampa where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and minored in American Sign Language Interpreting. While living in Tampa, Tamika J. also participated in local shows and provided background vocals for both local and major artists.


Tamika’s live performances display her love for all genres. Combining a blend of both new and classic songs, from R&B to Reggae, Blues, Rock, and World, Tamika J. has mastered the art of  arranging and performing “mash-ups”. Experiencing one of her performances is like being witness to a collective musical masterpiece. Her single, “Let Me Be Your Journey” is featured on, a platform that features an array of up and coming black musical artists. She has also been featured and interviewed by blogs like VoyageLA ,  The Caviar Spoon   and so many more. 


In 2018, Tamika J. embarked on a new journey that would prove to be challenging and rewarding for her both personally and as an artist. And while most people in her circle advised that she remain in her comfort zone, she packed her belongings and moved cross-country to Los Angeles, California. In the short time that Tamika J. has lived in LA, she has performed at popular venues like House Of Blues, Sofar Sounds LA, The Study and many others. She also auditioned for The Voice (Season 17&18) and received amazing feedback from John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas during season 18. 


Tamika J. is also an entrepreneur producing her own ongoing event “Tamika J Living Room Sessions”, as well as founding a budding tea and wellness brand “Taomi Tea n Treats” from the ground up. “TJLRS” was created as a means to connect with the community and give other “unicorn” artists opportunities to perform, network, and celebrate their love for the arts. From its inception, TJLRS has seen tremendous growth, selling out each time the event is announced. Taomi Tea n Treats has been the perfect addition to the Tamika J. brand because TJ is not only an artist, but an advocate for self care and mental health awareness. The teas are inspired by natural Haitian tea remedies and other blends that TJ uses in her everyday life.


Tamika J. continues to work on her musical projects that are as eclectic as her musical taste. Her ultimate goal as a human and artist, is to inspire, motivate, and heal people through music.


“Showing up for my purpose”

“Music has always been a place of peace, healing and joy. I want my music to encourage and remind my community to never give up on their passion. If I touch one person then I did my job as an artist”
-Tamika J.
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